Sustainable Energy
Technology Asia 2023

SETA 2023 & SSA 2023
Executive Asian Energy Leadership Forum


17-18 August 2023
Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at centralwOrld”

17 August 2023


09.00-12.00 Opening Ceremony
12.00-13.30 –Networking Lunch–
PM CEO Energy Forum
13.30-15.00 Session#1 Topic-TBC
15.00-16.30 Session#2 Pathway for   ASEAN Grid Integration
16.30-17.00 Networking Coffee Break
18.00-21.00 SETA Energy Awards Night

18 August 2023


AM Stream   1 Stream   2 Stream   3
Hydrogen,   Ammonia and downstream options Forum Solar   + Storage Forum Advanced   Energy Technology & Digital Power Forum
09.00-09.30 Keynote   -How Hydrogen play important role to mitigate Carbon Neutrality Keynote   – How important to leverage CCUS to Energy Transition and Carbon Emission   Mission? Keynote   – How important to leverage CCUS to Energy Transition and Carbon Emission   Mission?
09.30-10.00 Keynote   – Promising solutions and technology    for a pair of Hydrogen and CCUS   to achieve the carbon emission goal Keynote   – Floating Solar;ASEAN Spotlight and Lesson Learned Keynote   Speaker – Advanced Geothermal Systems for heat and power
10.00-11.00 Panel   Discussion – Hydrogen Policy – where it is now and where it should be Panel   Discussion – Scaling up and growing the energy storage in ASEAN Panel   Discussion – Grid Flexibility Growth and Investment
11.00-11.30 Networking Coffee Break
11.30-12.30 Panel   Discussion – Hydrogen,Ammonia&downstream options – building out the   infrastructure – costs and   challenges Panel   Discussion – Innovations in Solar+Storage; Spotlight on Clean Technology Panel   Discussion – New Application,New   Demand in SMR Technology
12.30-14.00 –Networking Lunch–
PM Hydrogen,   Ammonia and downstream options Forum Mobility   Forum Circular   Economy Forum
14.00-15.00 Panel   Discussion – How to scale up the Hydrogen    market and build up value chain players base on the opportunities and   challenges Panel   Discussion -How mobility fulfills the needs for Carbon Neutrality Panel   Discussion – How to put Circular Economy concepts into action and leveraging   to achieve a Zero Emission Goal
15.00-15.30 Presentation-   Funding Hydrogen Projects Presentation   – How to build a Nationwide EV Network with Microgrids and how to get it done. Presentation   – Thailand and a roadmap towards a Circularity
15.30-16.15 Networking Coffee Break
16.15-17.15 Panel   Discussion – Experiences of developing Hydrogen Hubs in each region : US,EU   & Asia Panel   Discussion -How to leverage Micro mobility    for low carbon solutions in the Large Cities and case study Panel   Discussion – The Asian Circular Economy best practise,projects,initiatives   and business models
17.15-17.45 Presentation   -Hydrogen in Maritime Presentation   -Advancing Sustainable Mobility to    fulfill the needs for Green Power Presentation
Venue World Ballroom A World Ballroom B World Ballroom C

SETA 2023

Executive Energy Awards

The SETA 2023 Energy Awards are an annual recognition event that celebrates and honors exceptional achievements in the field of energy. The awards highlight groundbreaking contributions and advancements made by individuals, companies, and organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to driving positive change in the energy sector. These achievements encompass a wide range of areas, including renewable energy generation, energy efficiency, energy storage, clean transportation, and sustainable infrastructure.

Winners of the SETA 2023 Energy Awards are selected through a rigorous evaluation process that assesses their impact, innovation, scalability, and sustainability. The awards ceremony not only acknowledges outstanding accomplishments but also encourages collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and inspiration among participants to drive further progress in the energy sector.

The Awards will be presented as part of the SETA 2023 Energy Awards Night held on the opening night of the SETA 2023 & Solar+Storage Asia 2023-Executive Asian Energy Leadership Forum, 17 August 2023, and present an excellent opportunity to network and celebrate our wonderful industry!

The Award Categories & Criteria

1. Energy Revolution – category honors any renewable energy project that has reached a significant milestone, utilized RECs to drive adoption in the region, or successfully implemented reliable and sustainable power solutions using distributed energy technology and/or energy storage.

2. Circular Economy and Resource Management – category honors initiatives promoting a sustainable and circular economy. It celebrates innovative practices, technologies, and strategies that minimize waste, optimize resource utilization, and foster responsible resource management. Winners showcase achievements in creating a regenerative and resource-efficient economy for long-term sustainability.

3. Carbon Reduction- category recognizes exceptional efforts in reducing carbon emissions and mitigating climate change. This category honors initiatives, projects, and technologies that demonstrate significant progress in decarbonizing industries, promoting sustainable practices, and achieving measurable reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Winners in this category contribute to a low-carbon future and inspire others to take effective action against climate change.

4. Clean Power Plant of the Year – award recognizes any plant that has set itself apart through successful project completion, engineering upgrades, new or innovative clean technology implementation, or the application of environmental control technologies.

5. Transmission & Distribution Networks – category acknowledges projects and technology developments that are advancing ASEAN’s network infrastructure, including power trading agreements and progress toward the APG dream.

6. Smart Grid – category acknowledges outstanding projects across the region, regardless of scale, that showcase the implementation or highlight the advantages of new data-rich technologies for utilities and customers.

7. Energy Storage – category recognizes advancements in energy storage technologies, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and scalability. Winners revolutionize renewable energy integration and grid stability, promoting a resilient and sustainable energy future. By acknowledging exceptional achievements, this category drives cleaner and more efficient energy systems.

8. Green Building and Architecture – category acknowledges exceptional achievements in sustainable building design and environmentally conscious architecture. This category recognizes projects that prioritize energy efficiency, resource conservation, and the use of eco-friendly materials.

9. Zero Emission Mobility – category honors innovative solutions and technologies that promote sustainable transportation with zero greenhouse gas emissions. This category celebrates advancements in electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell technology, renewable energy charging infrastructure, and other initiatives contributing to a cleaner and greener future of mobility.

10. Energy Leadership Executive of the Year – open to nominations of individuals who have made substantial contributions to the region’s energy sector in 2022-2023. This award reflects the industry’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity and acknowledges the contributions of all individuals.

Apart from boasting rights, award winners will have the privilege of stepping onto the stage during the awards night, in the presence of a packed room comprising industry leaders from the entire region. The winners will gain significant exposure for their businesses both leading up to (as nominees) and during SETA 2023 & Solar+Storage Asia 2023- Executive Asian Energy Leadership Forum.

Nominations are open to the public, and we strongly encourage vendors, utilities, IPPs, C&I customers, and individuals who have developed successful technological and business innovations to submit multiple nominations across various categories. There are no restrictions on nominating your own company, project, or executive, and a project can be nominated across multiple categories.


  • Any initiative, project or plant that:
    • Has been completed, achieved a significant milestone or undergone overhaul or upgrade in 2022-2023
    • Is based in the ASEAN region (we make an exception for start-ups, so long as their product can be shown to be applicable to the regional market, ideally with an in-region case study)
  • For the Energy Leadership Executive of the Year, these people must run a business whose primary focus is within ASEAN, though they do not have to sit in the region themselves
  • Winners must have a senior executive available to attend the SETA 2023 Energy Awards Night on 17 August 2023 in Bangkok

How to Nominate?

Please complete 1 nomination application for each category you are entering. If you wish to nominate for multiple categories, you must send in separate nominations for each. Email it with the subject line AWARD NOMINATION to [email protected].

The Award criteria are deliberately broad to capture a wide variety of projects. Interpret them as you see fit with a focus on projects that are best of breed by virtue of their value to the stakeholders and industry. There are normally many partners involved in energy projects so list those who are relevant to your selected project.

For each nomination, please include:

  • Company name
  • Contact details of main point of contact
  • The category for which you are submitting the nomination (one only)
  • Business/Plant/Project/Executive name
  • 500 word write-up to include for example:
    • What was the purpose of the project?
    • What was achieved?
    • How does this set it apart from its competitors?
    • Who is the utility, IPP or the customer?
    • What vendors if any are involved with this project?
    • You are welcome to include pictures or URL links for more details

 Submissions must be received by July 15th, 2023.

Judging Process

The process is 100% independent, impartial and conducted with total transparency. The decisions made by our judging panel are final. The judges can withhold awards in categories where a lack of activity as meant there were no eligible nominations. The judges will consider each nomination on its own merit and from the longlist of publically nominated entries finalise a shortlist of 3-4 per category. This shortlist will then be voted on to determine the winners and runners-up.

The Judges will consider factors such as (but not limited to):

  • What milestones have been achieved?
  • What challenges were overcome?
  • What solutions were implemented and how have these contributed to the company’s business?
  • How have new technologies adopted improved financial performance and provided significant ROI?
  • What new or cutting-edge technology has been used, or how has existing technology been implemented in a novel way?
  • What are the criteria for project success, did the project/product/service meet its objectives and targets
  • What is the longevity of the project, is it future-proof and in line with the broader ASEAN energy strategy?

For Energy Leadership Executive of the Year awards

  • The company performance vs contemporaries
  • Ensuring growth and shareholder ROI
  • Overseeing change management, and/or, turnaround success
  • Cementing their market reputation as a company leader and as a thought leader
  • Embracing innovation

Interested in Attending? 

The SETA Awards Night is an exclusive event open to SETA 2023 & Solar+Storage Asia 2023-Executive Asian Energy Leadership Forum delegates, speakers, sponsors, and VIPs. It provides an unrivalled opportunity to network with senior industry colleagues in a formal, yet relaxed and intimate setting and is a great way to celebrate our industry. Spaces are limited.

Buy a Ticket

Open only to the Conference delegates and Sponsors – 500 USD

Host a Table

As a table host, you can fill a table of 10 with your own team and guests (not necessarily conference attendees) or extend invitations to those already confirmed to attend.

Price per table:

  • Tier 1: 4,500 USD
  • Tier 2: 4,000 USD

Contact us for more information: [email protected]

SETA 2023

Business Matching Program

We are excited to announce that the upcoming SETA2023 conference will be hosting a business matching program that aims to bring together like-minded energy professionals, such as yourself.

As you know, networking is an essential part of any industry, and we believe that this program will provide you with a valuable opportunity to connect with peers, share insights, and explore potential business opportunities in the energy sector.

We invite you to join us for this unique program, where you’ll have the chance to meet with other industry experts, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in the field.

Don’t miss out on this chance to expand your professional network and take your career to the next level. We look forward to seeing you at SETA2023!

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