Power Pack Energy Storage for Businesses and Utilities

Take Control of Your Energy

With unrivaled experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing advanced battery systems for its electric vehicles, Tesla is uniquely positioned to offer energy products that are designed to the highest standards for performance without compromises in affordability and reliability. The culmination of Tesla’s experience can be found in every Powerpack System – a revolutionary energy storage system designed to meet businesses’ and utilities’ needs. The Powerpack System is a turnkey offering that delivers broad application compatibility and streamlined installation using a modular architecture. This includes integrated batteries, power electronics, thermal management and software.
Powerpack Systems enable businesses and utilities to maximize value from numerous applications, while creating a more flexible, resilient grid. The Powerpack can capture the potential of solar arrays or any distributed energy resource by storing excess generation for when it’s needed most. Tesla’s proprietary software, developed in-house, can also be used to discharge stored energy during customers’ peak demand periods, reducing the demand charge component of customer energy bills while lessening the strain on the grid during peak times.

Why Powerpack is Superior

SAFETY INSIDE AND OUT Powerpack Systems are designed with enhanced safety architecture that includes electrical and mechanical protection measures at the cell, Pod, and Powerpack level. Powerpack’s unique direct current (DC) architecture facilitates safer user access, prevents fault propagation, and enables ground fault monitoring. Powerpack has also undergone rigorous testing to ensure national and international safety standards are met or exceeded.

SCALABLE AND MODULAR Powerpack Systems combine batteries and inverters in unique configurations to fit a site’s space requirements. Systems also incorporate internal liquid thermal controls that touch every lithium-ion cell individually, which enhances performance and safety throughout the system’s lifetime. Because of the flexibility inherent to a modular system architecture, Powerpack Systems are infinitely scalable to meet the power and energy needs of any business or utility.

COMPLETE SYSTEM Powerpack Systems integrate batteries, power electronics, thermal controls, and software for a turn-key solution. Because Powerpack is a fully integrated system, customers can rely on a sole entity – Tesla – to carry out system design, installation and commissioning, as well as provide service and support throughout the life of the system. The result of this vertically integrated approach is a simple, streamlined experience for every customer

END-TO-END SOFTWARE During the system design stage, Tesla’s proprietary software simulates multiple scenarios to determine the optimal system size for each customer. After installation, the software continuously gathers data through the Powerpack Controller to better inform future performance, while also providing a secure web interface where customers can easily view system performance, savings and revenue over time. Powerpack is also compatible with third party software.


1 Kauai Island Utility Cooperative 13 MW / 52 MWh

2 Sierra Nevada Brewery 500 kW / 1 MWh

3 Southern California Edison 20 MW / 80 MWh

4 Connecticut Municipal Electric Energy 1.5 MW / 6 MWh

5 Green Mountain Power 1.2 MW / 3.2 MWh

6 South Mimms Supercharger 250 kW / 475 kWh

7 Singita Resort 750 kW / 3 MWh

8 Neoen’s Hornsdale Wind Farm 100 MW / 129 MWh

19 Ta’u Island 1.6 MW / 3.2 MWh

10 Vector 1 MW / 2.4 MWh

How Powerpack Works for Businesses

Many commercial and industrial facilities are billed a peak demand charge based on the highest 15-30 minute peak electricity usage, which can represent up to 50% of some companies’ electric bill. Powerpack’s ability to simultaneously perform multiple applications enables customers to maximize savings and revenue while increasing power reliability for their business. Applications for commercial and industrial customers include: peak shaving, load shifting, solar self-consumption, emergency backup, and ancillary services.

Sierra Nevada Brewery: 500 kW / 1 MWh

Solar Self-Consumption
Maximize use of electricity generated by on-site solar panels
Emergency Backup
Seamlessly deliver a stream of backup power when the grid goes down
Peak Shaving
Discharge at times of peak demand to reduce expensive demand charges
Ancillary Services
Provide service to the grid in response to signals sent by the operator

How Powerpack Works for Utilities

Utilities face a multitude of complex challenges, including growing global energy demands, more renewables being fed to the grid, and declining performance in existing grid infrastructure. Powerpack adds flexible, two-way energy control to the grid which allows for greater adoption of renewable energy, reduces the amount of fossil fuels burned to address peak loads, and supplants the need to make expensive upgrades to declining grid infrastructure. Utilities use Powerpack Systems for renewable integration, demand response, frequency regulation, ramp control, transmission and distribution support, and emergency backup.

So. California Edison: 20 MW / 80 MWh

Grid Reliability
Provide firm, reliable power to the grid when needed
Frequency Regulation
Measure and respond to fluctuations in grid frequency
Demand Response
Reducing load on the grid during peak times
Flexible Ramping
Dispatch power in response to large load or generation fluctuations

How Powerpack Works for Microgrids

Microgrids and off-grid power systems deliver savings and stable, reliable power to a wide range of customers: remote communities, commercial facilities, utility substations, military bases and mining operations. Microgrid customers can see substantial costs savings while improving power reliability by replacing diesel generators with solar and storage. Powerpack’s unique capabilities make it a natural fit for any microgrid customers seeking to maximize use of renewables, secure backup power, and reduce operating costs.

Ta’u Island: 750 kW / 6 MWh

Solar Self-Consumption
Maximize use of electricity generated by solar panels
Diesel Abatement
Reduce cost, carbon emissions, and dependence on imported diesel
Backup Power
Seamlessly deliver a stream of backup power when the grid goes down
Ancillary Services
Provide service to the grid in response to signals sent by the operator

Powerpack Technical Specs


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