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Riding upon consecutive waves of success since its inception in 2016,  SETA 2018 again promises  to be a strong and significant platform to
address the trends, issues and challenges in the realm of Sustainable Energy and Technology.  That it is organized in Thailand – at the hub of ASEAN
and Asia Pacific – further underlines its importance and timeliness. The region of Asia Pacific – comprising the mature economies of ASEAN,
the emerging players of the CLMV cluster, and most significantly the mammoth markets of China, India and Thailand – ranks the highest
in global energy consumption.  Accelerated by rapid city development, industrialisation, evolving demographics, and committed to the universal campaign
on climate change, the region is poised to explore revolutionary energy solutions that are secure, cost effective and efficient.
Against such a backdrop therefore, the region presents a vast potential for economic investment, in energy and its peripheral solutions.
In one of its projections, The World Energy Outlook estimated that around US$8.3 trillion is needed to improve energy efficiency
in the main infrastructures of transport, buildings and industry.

SETA 2018 sets the stage to discuss these key issues.

With 4 main topics:





​A resounding success, SETA 2017’s multi-streamed conference was attended by some 1200 delegates comprising high level policy
makers from government agencies, key players from stake holders of both the public and private sectors, industry suppliers,
as well as the academia.   Themed “Towards a Low Carbon Society”  SETA 2017 saw a highly collaborative dialogue between
the government and private sectors, on a full spectrum of dynamic  topics —  from  current strategic policies and planning
to emerging sustainable energy alternatives for low carbon electricity generation, green solutions for transport,
logistics and the ‘smart city’ planning. In parallel with the conference, some 97 companies and organizations
playing lead roles in the energy industry in Thailand and across the region, showcased cutting edged solutions to spearhead
the age of sustainable energy to over seven thousands trade and professional visitors.

Welcome Message

On behalf of the Ministry of Energy, Thailand, let me extend a very warm welcome to SETA 2018, an Asia’s premier platform to address energy strategies and plans.  This exclusive event also seek solutions for issues in the forefront of sustainable energy. Focusing on Asian region, exceptional economic growth will be sustained in the coming decades, bringing tremendous energy needs across the region. Asia critically faces the need for energy solutions that are secured, cost effective and sustainable. Consolidation of efforts throughout the region is an important success factor.

The Ministry of Energy considers it very important to address the renewable energy markets. We have strong policies and measures that support the expansion of renewable energy which could carry our energy solutions in a sustainable way.

It is my belief that SETA 2018, Asia’s premier energy event, is the place to facilitate all gathering stakeholders in energy sector, government leaders, experts, investors to share their views and expertise with others. It is a great opportunity of exhibitors and delegates to learn and explore the new energy solution for the future.

Once again, I welcome you to the event and wish all of you to the road of success in this event.

Message from

Dr.Siri Jirapongphan,
Minister of Energy, Thailand.

Dr.Siri Jirapongphan

Dr.Siri Jirapongphan,
Minister of Energy, Thailand.


As the Chairman of SETA. I would like to welcome you to SETA 2018 ( Sustainable Energy Technology Asia 2018) scheduled on 21 – 23 March 2018 at the BITEC Bang Na, Bangkok, Thaioland. Last year Conference and Exhibition on topic “Towards a Low-carbon Society” hae clearly shown that there is a need for serveral new policies and innovations in order that the World could attain energy sustainability. Therefore SETA 2018 focuses on “Innovatiove Energy Technologies” as the main topic. The scope of the Conference has be enlarged to cover the Asian Region and eventually Inter-regional issues. SETA events but will hightlight more on the current challenges in energy systems. They include:

CEO Forum: Future Energy Outlook
1.) Innovative Energy Technologies
2.) Energy Storage Technologies
3.) Regional Interconnectivity: Power Grid, Oil and Gas pipelines,
Rail and Road links
4.) Smart Urbanization

Following the previous events, the findings and recommendations from SETA2018 will be made available to parties concerned. As the Chairman of SETA I would like to invite you to attend SETA 2018 and enjoy interacting with your peers. you will not be disappointed. I look forward to meeting you in Bangkok.

Dr.Tatchai Sumitra
Former President of Chulalongkorn University

Dr.Siri Jirapongphan

Dr.Tatchai Sumitra,
Former President of Chulalongkorn University


SETA2016 & 2017 Exhibition and conferences are both successfully launched and attended by economic leaders and companies all over the world. And its initiative is being emulated by some organizers, meaning that it is leading way the right one. In our last two (2) editions we focused heavily on the pairs
Agreement and the approaches adopted by different countries. And as a Co-Chairman of SETA, I would like to recommend all of you to come, see, hear and discuss with people gathering there, who are distinguished business people, scholars, government officials and politician from all over the world in view if the following standpoints. To create a sustainable energy future for ASEAN we need to propel proven innovations to market in a quicker time frame. Moving to an all-year model will empower innovators to access the investment Round’s unique mix of technical and market expertise, financial support and commercializing partners when the time is right for their business, stressing that the future of clean energy relies on more flexible and adaptable funding, Aims into clean energy and Smart urbanization, with investor supplying technology to ensure the smooth integration of various application. You could find the best answers here at SETA 2018, held in Bangkok 2018. SETA 2018 is the third edition which is evolving rapidly with your participation.

Prof.Masakazu Toyoda
CEO and Chairman of Economic of Japan

Dr.Siri Jirapongphan

Prof.Masakazu Toyoda,
CEO and Chairman of Economic of Japan


SETA 2018 is held from 21 – 23 March 2018
at Hall E103-104, The Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC).