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Interview with Mr. Thiraphat Titisottikul : CEO of OneCharge

Sustainable Mobility Asia 2024 - interview : One Charge

Interview with Mr. Thiraphat Titisottikul, CEO of OneCharge

Sustainable Mobility Asia 2024 - interview : One Charge

Startup company OneCharge Solution, the creator of the One Charge platform for electric vehicle (EV) users, aims to provide alternatives for EV users in Thailand. It is the fastest-growing startup with the goal of becoming a leading Green Tech organization in Thailand and the region.


Company Overview and GreenTech Roadmap :

  1. Origins and Leadership in Green Technology:
    • OneCharge Solution aspires to lead in technology linked to environmental conservation and global impact reduction. The decision to venture into the challenging environmental startup space in Thailand was driven by a lack of precedents. This required creative thinking to establish a business model and find markets independently in the early stages. OneCharge focuses not only on EV charging services but also on comprehensive solutions covering home, work, and other locations.
    • The company is committed to leading in Green Technology in Thailand by providing a platform that integrates EV charging systems, slide car services, and cost calculations for charging at home, work, and other locations. The roadmap emphasizes the development of sustainable technology that meets the diverse needs of the electric vehicle industry.
  2. Participation in SustainAsia Week 2024 and Sustainable Mobility Asia:
    • Significance of Participating in SustainAsia Week 2024:
      • Participation in SustainAsia Week 2024 is crucial for establishing OneCharge Solution’s image and understanding in the Green Technology sector. It provides an opportunity to communicate and showcase innovative solutions, creating a strong presence in innovation and industry transformation.
    • Vision and Goals in Event Participation:
      • The vision is to lead in creating a sustainable future and promoting the use of sustainable energy in the automotive industry. OneCharge Solution aims to build a Sharing Economy in Thailand and increase confidence in using electric vehicles.
    • Impact and Contributions to Change:
      • By connecting with investors and businesses with a sustainable perspective, OneCharge Solution aims to create efficiency and long-term success in the industry. The company intends to promote social and economic change by supporting the transition to more sustainable energy use, impacting both the environment and creating opportunities in a sustainable economy.
  3. Presentation Highlights of OneCharge:
    • Introduction and Significance of Highlights:
      • OneCharge Solution stands out with a team of experts aware of the importance of developing modern solutions aligned with the expanding electric vehicle market. The company’s unique feature is its compatibility with both charger manufacturers and electric vehicle users.
    • Factors Making OneCharge Stand Out:
      • OneCharge Solution has gained trust from electric vehicle users and businesses, particularly in simplifying payment systems for charging station owners. The platform connects with chargers globally, reducing the complexity of EV charging and eliminating the need for users to download multiple apps.
    • Noteworthy Experiences and Contributions:
      • OneCharge Solution’s success is evident through the trust it has gained from users and charging station owners. The platform simplifies EV charging, supports the expansion of charging stations nationwide, and contributes to raising environmental awareness.



🌏 SustainAsia Week 2024 – Asia’s Energy and Sustainability Week 2024

🗓️ Date: August 15-17, 2024

📍 Venue: Bitec Bangna



🌐 Book-A-Stand : https://www.zipeventapp.com/e/SETA-SSA-SMA-FTI-2024-Book-A-Stand

📧 Contact for inquiries : sales@gat.co.th, sales1@gat.co.th

📱 Line: https://lin.ee/MUB2Yu4

📞 Mobile : (+66) 63 490 3388

▶️ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gC0MFJjnHzw


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