Sustain Asia Week 2024

ASEAN Unites in Bangkok: Explore the Power of FIVE Energy Events Under One Roof

Unveiling five mega events, a powerhouse of synergistic gatherings, maximizing impact and innovation. Join cutting-edge showcases, leadership conferences, and dynamic discussions. Unleash opportunities, foster connections, and stay at the forefront of industry advancements,inspiring and aligning with our commitment to combat Climate Change and achieve COP28 objectives.

Co-located Events

Don’t miss the pulse of our co-located events, where excellence converges and ideas ignite.

Explore Sustainable Future Energy at SETA 2024! Leading decarbonization, our eighth-anniversary event transcends tradition. Joining the pivotal ASEAN Energy Community, shaping sustainable solutions with industry leaders. Together, let’s forge a cleaner, greener future!
Embrace the Solar and Energy Storage community in the region. Join us to tackle energy challenges and conquer high electricity bills in towering structures. Discover sustainable solutions and engage in knowledge-sharing that goes beyond mere transactions. SSA, in collaboration with SETA & SMA 2024, extends a warm invitation to pave the way for a greener and more sustainable future.
Explore the future at Sustainable Mobility Asia 2024! Co-located with SETA 2024 and SSA 2024, this event focuses on the crucial role of mobility in our future. Discover solutions for energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and climate change. Let’s drive towards a more sustainable future together.

Hybrid Forum Co-hosted by Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) as a Secretariat of Asia CCUS Network (ACN) and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan with cooperation of Ministry of Energy (MOEN), Thailand and Secretariat of SETA2024 GH201, BITEC in Bangkok, Thailand



Sustain Asia Week 2024

A New World of
Sustainability & Energy

15-17 August 2024

Be part of the ASEAN Unification in Bangkok and delve into the synergy of four energy events under one roof.

This year, Synergy takes center stage in the 5-Mega Expo, a pinnacle of innovation and collaboration.

The 5-Mega Expo is a testament to our dedication to fostering positive change. It stands as a dynamic platform, bringing together thought leaders, industry experts, and visionaries who share a common goal — to propel sustainability and energy into a brighter, more sustainable future. From cutting-edge technologies to revolutionary concepts, the Expo is a melting pot of ideas, innovations, and solutions that will shape the landscape of our journey towards a greener tomorrow.

Highlight Features


Sustainability & Energy Exhibition

Explore the innovation showcase of Energy, Sustainability, and Climate Technology at the 5-Mega exhibition floor.

Being witness groundbreaking solutions and engaging with industry leaders, producers, traders, consumers, and prosumers in the energy sector. This dynamic convergence unlocks opportunities and inspires positive change at CEO Energy Forum

CEO Energy Forum

Asia’s top summit shaping global energy policies for C-level executives by gaining exclusive insights into the dynamic energy landscape, connecting with top decision-makers, and understanding both global and Asian perspectives. Further, an integral part of SETA since 2016, this platform unites leaders to envision ASEAN policy, essential for management leaders in innovation and strategic leadership, and seize the opportunity to contribute to shaping a sustainable energy future. Join us in mapping out the path forward.

Hydrogen & Ammonia Forum

Join the Hydrogen & Ammonia Forum, a dynamic SETA forum since 2017, spearheading clean energy with support from METI, the Japanese embassy, and the Ministry of Energy.

With industry leaders like Saudi Aramco, Toyota, and Jera Asia, explore discussions on opportunities, challenges, and advanced Hydrogen power technologies.

Gain valuable business insights from power generation to transportation. Don’t miss out on this chance to engage in the transformative energy dialogue and contribute to a sustainable future.

Mobility Forum

Welcome to the Mobility Forum — your gateway to the latest in mobility trends and cutting-edge technologies.

Join us to explore challenges and opportunities, where learning something new is key. Stay ahead in the dynamic world of mobility innovation with us!

Solar & Storage Forum

Explore the SolarStorage Forum, a unique Thai session at SETA.

Discover how solar and energy storage form a powerful duo, tackling electricity price crises. Also, learn how this dynamic combination meets high demand for both large-scale consumers and prosumers. Join the discussion for an innovative solution to energy challenges.

Climate Change Forum

Climate Change Forum: Vital for understanding and combating climate change, aligning with COP28 objectives.

Gain invaluable insights from global leaders on carbon credit, carbon footprint, carbon verification, afforestation, and more. A must-attend event for a diverse exploration of solutions to address climate challenges.

Hosted Buyer Program

Hosted Buyer Program: Directly invite prospects to visit exhibitors with a focused goal of expanding business opportunities. This exclusive, invitation-only program enhances direct engagement, fostering meaningful connections between exhibitors and potential clients.

SETA Energy Award Dinner

A prestigious event dedicated to escalating and recognizing individuals and organizations who passionately contribute to societal sustainability across various categories. Open for nominations, this esteemed ceremony seeks to honor the best in the region, celebrating their outstanding dedication to fostering a sustainable future.

SME Special Zone

Empowering small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with support and subsidies, this dedicated zone opens wide opportunities for SMEs to connect within the energy sector. Facilitated by SME initiatives, it encourages collaboration, fostering growth, and enhancing networking opportunities for SMEs in the dynamic energy business landscape.

Education Zone

A specialized space for Education Innovation and Research to seamlessly connect with commercial endeavors. This presents a significant opportunity to bridge academic insights with real business applications, inviting education institutes to join and contribute to the dynamic exchange of ideas and innovation in the energy sector.

Business Matching Program

An inclusive initiative open to all attendees, offering a seamless online platform to foster connections. Attendees can schedule appointments prior to the event and meet in person onsite, facilitating meaningful interactions. This service is free of charge, providing visitors with an invaluable opportunity to engage and network at the show.

Energy Job Fairs

A unique opportunity for energy companies to connect with potential candidates through walk-in interviews and job applications. Open to all individuals seeking job opportunities in the energy sector, this initiative serves as a great platform for employment seekers to explore and engage in valuable job interviews.

Sustain Asia Week 2024

Get to Know the Chairman

Dr.Pisut Painmanakul

Associate Dean, Engineering Faculty,

Chulalongkorn University

Chairman 2024

OUR Speakers 2024

Our speakers have a strong understanding of energy efficiency and sustainability principles, as well as relevant industry experience and knowledge

Chairman of the Advisory Board to the Minister of Energy
Vice Chair, Impact
World Energy Council (WEC)
Associate Dean, Engineering Faculty, Chulalongkorn University
Chairman and CEO
Institute of Energy Economics Japan (IEEJ)
Executive Vice President
Toyota Motor Asia
Corporate Executive officer
Mitsubishi Motors JAPAN
Director, Vice chair
JERA Asia, Pte. Ltd.
Asia Decarbonization Leader
GE Gas Power

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15 – 17 Aug 2024
BITEC – Bangkok International
Trade & Exhibition Centre

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88 Debaratana Road (km.1), Bangna Tai
Bangna, Bangkok 10260, Thailand

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